Over 25 Years of International Experience

With decades of global marketing experience, IMC has worked with all channels of distribution and has launched the success of a diverse client base. Our media relations and marketing strategies are both practical and innovative, catering to today’s technological world. Our specialty niche includes the natural products industry, integrative medicine, dietary supplements, and natural beauty products. Our focus is helping international companies thrive in the competitive American market.

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A Global Perspective

IMC understands the unique challenges of world-wide marketing. Interconnected markets, heavy competition, and unpredictable economic factors can be daunting obstacles—or incredible opportunities. IMC develops marketing, media relations, and advertising plans in a fashion that leverages today’s changing marketplace.

Full Service Global Marketing

We provide a full range of creative services: graphic design and advertising, web development and online marketing, branding and rebranding, sales support, media relations, market research and copywriting, video production, commercials.

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2014 Editor’s Choice Award for Best Marketing Campaign

IMC’s Champion of Greatness Campaign for LycoRed wins award

Marketing for Non-Profits

IMC has been successfully involved with non-profits both nationally and globally. Our dedication to supporting the mission of non-profits includes research organizations, charitable organizations, and organizations with religious affiliations. Read more here.