Branding and Rebranding

Brand Management

The mind of your potential customer is the ultimate battleground in marketing. Your brand is how your customers perceive your products and services. Your brand is everything about your company, beginning with your company name and logo and moving through every aspect of how you present your products or services: your website, advertising, packaging, copywriting, commercials, brochures and sell sheets.

To successfully compete, your brand has to be memorable. Most importantly, the customer must have overwhelmingly positive associations with your brand. Once the customer tries your product or service and has a positive experience, not only will they become loyal to your brand, they’ll become a great source for ongoing referrals!

To develop brand loyalty, IMC ensures that each communication has a consistent look, feel, and message. When a consistent, powerful message is present across all platforms and channels, you know that your customer is hearing exactly the message that you want to convey.


When you’ve got a great product but sales are not what they should be, your brand may need a make-over! At IMC, we specialize in taking great products and giving them the packaging and messaging they deserve. Let us help you re-launch your product with a new look and a more powerful message to get you on a fast track for an improved bottom line.

Trade Shows and Branding

Trade shows like Expo West and Expo East are critical events in your branding endeavor. IMC has extensive experience in branding and design to help our client companies stand out among the thousands of competitors at these key tradeshows.

See our Portfolio for examples of our advertising and graphic design capabilities