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The Explosion of E-Commerce

There’s no question about it—online searches for products and services are exploding. New figures from Goldman Sachs Group Inc., the global financial services firm, estimate that the growth will be staggering over the next decade:

E-retail will grow at five times the rate of traditional retail and its year-over-year dollar increase will overtake offline retail by 2020, Goldman Sachs predicts. Online sales are currently $134.9 billion, or 8% of equivalent retail sales, according to Internet Retailer estimates. Goldman notes that e-commerce sales will grow by $68 billion to $624.17 billion in 2020 …. Since 2000 web sales have more than tripled to achieve a 19% compound annual growth rate.…


The companies that will benefit from this explosion are the companies that get into the online marketing game early and continue to build their online presence. A highly effective web marketing campaign involves a carefully planned mix of email blasts, banners, adwords, affiliates, video campaigns and website development. Every company is different. Your best online strategy depends on your goals, your products and reaching your ideal customers.

Invest in Your Present and Your Future

The wave of online shopping for both products and services is already here. In 2008, 77% of shoppers searched online before making a purchase in a store. At the same time, 53% of shoppers bought a product online after seeing it in a store. The bottom line is that shoppers are using the internet both to research products and to purchase them. Let IMC help you make sure your products are the ones they find online!

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