Search Engine Optimization

Creating Content that Search Engines Love

Competing with content is the most effective way to ensure longevity and steady traffic to your website. Having unique content begins with researching powerful keywords and phrases. Words and phrases with a high success rate are those that get lots of searches but have little competition. Finding those magic words takes research and analysis of the keywords related to the product or service you are offering.

Once the desired keywords have been identified, your site needs ongoing development of unique content to fill one or more niches related directly to your business. Those keywords are the foundation upon which your headlines, links, metatags and body text are built. Where the keywords are placed makes a difference. How they are used as links and descriptors makes a difference. Let us help you reach the top search results for the keywords that matter most!

Be At the Center of Your Industry

Getting the traffic you need involves positioning your website as a primary hub in your industry. Think of your website as a city—the more roads you build into your city, the greater the volume of traffic that can reach you. Those roads are the links into your site from search engines, niche directories and other websites. Some of those links may happen naturally (if you’ve got terrific, unique content based on strategic keywords), but gaining the vast majority of valuable links will takes a concentrated incoming link campaign.

Most importantly, keep in mind that all links are not created equal. At IMC, we can help you acquire the strategic links that will make the biggest difference for your site popularity. Let us help you be at the center of your industry with a well-optimized website that keeps your business on the cutting edge in the competitive online market.

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