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Secrets of Design Success

A successful website must immediately convey the benefits and uniqueness of your company and products or services. This objective begins with look and feel of your home page. Every headline, every photo and every word of copy needs to build interest and excitement. Tantalizing summaries of site content with links to internal pages are designed to lead visitors deeper into your site.

A clear navigation path through the website (with lots of interesting byways and side roads!) is essential for a site that’s easy to use and invites visitors to explore fully. Calls to action and contact info need to be prominent on every page. Invite visitors to sign up for your newsletter or register for access to special offers. Use your website to track external advertising campaigns and process coupons or discounts. Encourage visitors to return regularly to your site by indicating when new content, offers or information will be available. Frequently updated content will keep viewers coming back for more.

Selling More Products or Services

The biggest key to a profitable website is increasing your conversion rate. Your conversion rate is the percent of visitors who take a particular desired action such as purchasing a product or contacting you for further information. The conversion rate is closely related to the design elements on your site.

Average conversion rates are 2-4%. Those are sobering numbers. Some conversion rates soar as high as 30%, but these are the exception. Conversion rates of 5-6% would be considered highly successful. This means that you must bring in an average of 500-1,000 visitors for every conversion you want to make.

At IMC, we understand the design elements necessary to keep your conversion rates high. The placement of links, calls to action and products can make a big difference. Even the size of your fonts can affect the number of sales your site generates. Let us lead you through the process and help you to take advantage of the global reach possible through effective web design.

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